Tempus Fugit!


We are all living longer – undisputed fact! However debate is beginning to creep under the door in certain quarters as to the quality of life for the elderly. I remember a former teacher telling me shortly after her 105th birthday that life was fine but she’d outlived all her friends. It is the portion of life of which none of us dare to speak…

Doris and Madge meet each week
At the community centre where they speak
About the past about their lives
When they were happy contented wives

They never discuss their numerous ills
Or the problem they have paying the bills
Or the grandchildren’s behaviour they don’t understand
A lonely retirement wasn’t what they’d planned

Mid afternoon when the washing-up’s done
They take their leave they’ve had some fun
With the final remnants of a youthful streak
They slow-race their walkers down the High Street!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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