That Monday Morning Feeling (again)!


UK COMMUTER FACE CHAOS AS  UNDERGROUND TUBE WORKERS GO ON STRIKEWaking up this morning after a busy weekend I was convinced that it was Sunday and that I could ignore the alarm. However somewhere in the depths of my rose-coloured consciousness, sirens were sounding. The old bed magnet was doing its best to counteract this but failing. I resigned myself to the truth and arose from slumber…

Oh dear! Monday is here again,
The weekend’s over what a pain.
I’m sure that somewhere along the line,
Some mad scientist has sped up time.
Over in Switzerland they have an accelerator,
Byproduct of this is an extra Monday-maker!
They slip them in almost at will,
And we end up with Monday-overspill.
So I wish you all a swift Monday,
Remembering that it only lasts for one day!
I hope you all have an enjoyable (and swift) Monday
And that it soon evaporates to become Tuesday!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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