The Agricultural Time Traveler (third class!)


BTTF 1985How many of you remember the ‘Back to the Future’ films 1985, 1989 & 1990? How many of you wanted to hop into that DeLorean car, get the ‘Embarrassment Eraser’ out and give parts of your life a good rub? I can remember a constant phrase of my youth seemed to be “if I had only known then…” One aspect of the films that I hadn’t registered was that the date on the time machine console just happened to be my 30th birthday, October 26th 1985! Unfortunately I received no credit, but there again the only part I had played was being born on that date many years before…

If I could travel back in time,
I probably wouldn’t be writing rhyme!
I’d have grown the very best crops,
Invented combine-harvested hops!
I’m sure I’d have won an award by now,
Stood on a stage and taken a bow!
I might have passed many exams,
Had a flock of sheep, breeding rams!
I could have run ten-thousand metres,
Or competed against true world beaters!
But here I am back from the past,
My DeLorean’s rusty and no longer fast!
But one thing I discovered, it’s better to be,
Satisfied with life than un-ha-pp-y!
On my next trip back, just one more time,
I’ll get help in making my words rhyme!
If our lifetime-gearboxes had reverse,
We’d probably end up making things much worse.
So I’ll wish myself a Happy Birthday,
Since you ask… threw the keys away!

Michael J Fox (who played Marti McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy is now 52 years old and actively campaigns on behalf of those who suffer with Parkinson’s Disease following his own diagnosis in 1990.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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