The Antique Dealer


One of the enduring charms of a car boot sale is the unpredictability of what’s for sale. I once knew a man who went to a sale and didn’t find a Ming Dynasty vase worth £1m (however the next week he was luckier!). A dealer once told me that it was more important that he liked what he bought than immediately thinking about the profit. This simple mantra had served him well through his many years of trading. You never know, next Saturday you may just find that one piece that guarantees you fame on Antiques Roadshow…

Bill’s an antique dealer
He knows about fine china,
Always goes to antique shows
Digs up treasure like a miner

First at the car boot sale
To snap up all that’s good,
His wife comes too, her name is Sue,
She’d lie-in if she could.

He spied some old Spode dishes,
Said they were fantastic
All his stock goes to his shop,
At home they eat off plastic!

© Baldock Bard
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