Flying the Flag!


Every so often the Busselcrats rattle their cages and introduce stupid legislation. This week they’ve been extra busy.
Firstly they pronounced that preserve with less than 60% sugar cannot be called ‘Jam’ (unless it’s from Denmark where it can be 57% sugar because they were granted a derogation!).
We have also been told  to observe ‘Europe Week’ (from May 9th).
We must also fly the EU flag over any organisation which manages development funding from Brussels. This could mean more than 1,000 organisations being forced to fly the flag or else…, including Jamie Oliver’s 15 Restaurant in Cornwall, my small farm and the Boot Sale!
The flag must be flown in ‘the dominant position, above any national flag (I don’t think so…!).

They’re stamping their feet in Brussels,
And telling us what to do,
We must fly their dreadful flag,
For a week each year or they’ll sue!

We’re to have a ‘Week for Europe’,
The first (May the 9th) or this:
If we fail, and they prevail,
We’ll just have to appeal to the Swiss!

So salute the flag of Europe,
Give it all you can,
Fingers two, (one will do!),
And flush it right down the pan!

© Baldock Bard
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