The Hidden World of Refrigerator Maintenance!


Refrigerator MaintenanceOur refrigerator stopped working, or rather it started behaving like a broken oven. We called in Alex who has the magic and can resurrect most mechanical fails. Despite looking from many different angles and making multiple measurements, calculations and life-saving chants, he was unable to save the appliance…

When mending a fridge,
You must take care,
Not to slam the door,
Or get it caught in your hair!
You must be polite,
Possibly do some pleading,
If that doesn’t work,
Do some manual reading!
Is there illumination?
When the door’s ajar,
If it’s intermittent,
Reach for Pinot Noir!
If there’s no motor hum,
Coming from the back,
Lie down on the floor,
Give it a mighty thwack!
If it’s still not working,
There’s little you can do,
Except admit defeat,
You’ll be after one that’s new!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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