The Bard and The Chinese Shoe Factory!


Shoe5Yesterday morning I received an E-mail from a Chinese manufacturer of quality shoes. The plea, from a very well-mannered Mr Triumph, suggested that I may be interested in sizes from 32-46. Furthermore I was assured that their styles were nice, they were very good shoe producer and that they were right there waiting to hear from me. As it is impolite to be impolite I prepared this for them, and wish them well in the expanding Baldock shoe sector…
Shoe2Far away in China,
Never showing up in news,
A very fine factory,
Making lots of shoes.
One day a marketing gentleman,
Happened by the gates,
“I give you world exposure
Thanks to Mr Gates!”
So in the Brio factory,
Mr Triumph (head of shoes),
Started e-mailing worldwide,
A clever marketing ruse.
One of these e-mails,
Happened to go astray,
And landed on my desktop,
Early yesterday.
Shoe4I was most impressed,
By the footware shown,
That I thought I’d order some,
To wear around the home!
The dogs think I’ve gone barmy,
Mrs Bard is quite upset,
My granddaughter asked her mother,
“Will you take Granddad to the vet?”
Shoe8So Mr Triumph,
Some shoes are on the Bard,
I’ve ordered some for the tractor,
And some for round the yard!
Good luck with your endeavours,
I hope for you the sun will shine,
Good luck to all at Brio,
Your shoes do sure look fine!
Shoe6The nice Mr Triumph can be found at:
Brio Shoes Co., Ltd.
No. 303, Jiahe Road, Amoy, China
If you are passing, look him up and say that the Baldock Bard says ‘Hello!’

© Baldock Bard 2014
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