The Bank Holiday Crush!


The PicnicBank Holiday scene 1929

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK. Not many years ago this meant that you couldn’t even buy a pint of milk on this day (it was delivered to the door anyway!). Nowadays there would be panic and civil unrest if you were unable to buy a car, plumbing tools, a fluffy toy or do the weeks shopping…

We had a Bank Holiday Monday
The banks were closed yesterday
But all the stores
opened their doors
And welcome shoppers to pay!

It used to be a chance to visit the sea,
No work for 24 hours you see!
A picnic would be made
(With lemonade!)
Content and happy they’d be!

Now it’s all rush rush rush
Afraid we’ll all miss the bus
We’ve not enough time
To notice sublime
As we’re borne along with the crush!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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