Will They Come?


0515 Saturday 30514Do you remember the old film starring Kevin Costner as a farmer who builds a baseball stadium in the middle of a field of maize (corn in the US)? He seemed to spend much time wandering about, not actually building his dream but listening to a voice in his head saying: “They will come!” I know how he felt. Every Saturday before the car boot sale a little voice whispers to me “Will they come?” Last week it poured with rain and some came but we couldn’t open, so questions and doubts abound this morning. However it is now out of my hands and all I need when I drive over the hill for the 536th Saturday and see a queue of cars and vans is to say: “They have come!”…

It’s five-fifteen,
On a bright frosty morning,
I look outside,
The weather out there looks fine!
All’s in place,
There’s nothing else to do now,
Apart from wait,
And check the adverts published online!

So in an hour,
I’ll leave the house,
Go down the road,
See the queue,
Prepare the loos,
Open the gates,
And hopefully say…
“They have come!”
CBS 030514And they came! (updated later pictured at 10am)

© Baldock Bard 2014
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