The Bard goes to a show!


lamma1Yesterday, son-in-law John and I visited the agricultural show, LAMMA, at Peterborough. Even the long queues to enter the showground didn’t deter us from having a cracking day. We saw lots of highly polished tractors and the only mud in evidence was in the car parks, making us thankful for our 4×4. All in all a great show…

We had a great day looking all around LAMMA,
For farmers like us it’s the epitome of glamour!
Some like Ferraris all polished and clean,
Others like a John Deere (they’re the ones that are green!)
Some like a yacht that sails the high sea,
But all Farmers want to see is the new JCB!
Some like a girl who can make a clear pass,
Others love a combine, that’s made by Claas!
Claas LammaSome like an old car with an ash-wooden chassis,
Whereas farmers crowd round the new tractor from Massey!
Some farmers like machinery, that’s painted blue,
(That is New Holland between me and you!)
Some like a pussy that sits by the fire,
Farmers like a Cat with tracks not a tyre!
Cat LammaSome farmers have bank accounts behind many a door,
While others dream of winning in a lottery draw!
Some queue on the motorway in an old battered truck,
While others use a helicopter, look down and say ‘f*ck!’
Lamma2But most of the visitors who were there yesterday
Say thanks to the organisers “we had a great day!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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