Off To LAMMA at Peterborough!


LAMMASon-in-law John and I are having a rare day out. We are going to join up to 40,000 other farmers at LAMMA, an agricultural machinery show at the Peterborough Showground. This year is the first year that it’s come south from Lincolnshire in its thirty-two-year history. We wish it great success in its new home…

We’re off to a farming show called Lamma.
We won’t need a crowbar, toolbox or spanner,
It’s fifty-five minutes up the A1,
For us down south, a nice straight run!
There’ll be tractors, combines, all polished machines,
No muddy wheels, all tweed and jeans!
But before we can leave, out for a treat,
We’ve got to load a lorry on the farm with wheat!
This will dampen our enthusiasm somewhat,
It’s all got to go before we spend a lot!
So if we see an expensive piece of kit,
We’ll be reminded of how we’ll pay for it!
Our time won’t be wasted as it may seem,
Its great fun to visit, look, plan or dream!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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