The Bear in the Air!


Convoy 1Back in the day there was an American film called Convoy. It was about a group of truckers in the States who used CB radios to keep in touch with each other. Amongst terms used in the film was: “There’s a bear in the air!” I remember thinking that we’d never see police in helicopters here in the UK. How wrong I was (about this and much more besides)…

If you look up and search the morning sky,
There’s a police ‘copter keeping an eye!
Whether you’re on foot or if in your car,
You ought to watch out, it sees from afar.
It’s not the same as having police on the ground,
But it’s money saving, as has been found!
If you have a robbery (unless you’re the Queen)
The eye in the sky is nowhere to be seen.
Here on the farm when they’re stealing your fuel,
The helicopter is missing, they’d be quicker by mule!
So don’t shout at a burglar if he threatens you in bed
‘Cos you’ll be the one caught and arrested instead!
And then you’ll go to court, “it really wasn’t fair”,
The police helicopter was the other side of Ware!
Police HelicopterFor my non-UK readers – Ware is a small town in Hertfordshire 13 miles from the Bard-Farm or 23 miles to the North East of London 

© Baldock Bard 2014
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