The Old Blue Aga!


Old Blue AgaLooking through a kitchen manufacturer’s brochure recently I came across their ‘Farmhouse Range.’ I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was very smart, very expensive and clinically clean, but it had neither Aga nor scruffy dog. “Sacre Blue!” (I would have said if I was a fermier,) it was just not right. Yesterday a friend rang wishing to borrow our kitchen (but not the sleeping scruffy dog!)…

A friend rang us up yesterday,
With a very strange request I have to say:
“May I come for tea and be so bold?
My heating’s bust and I’m bloody cold!”
And so she came in a very short while,
Her bum on the Aga bought forth a smile!
This monumental and ancient tool,
Can be used as a pleasant warming stool.
So if your heating ever falls apart,
Find a farmhouse to warm your heart!

We think the Aga was put in sometime in the early seventies by the father of our present ‘Aga Guru’ Duncan ( The oven is still going strong and is likely to outlast me and be passed on down through the family.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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