The Bobby Dazzler!


Mr DapperIt’s not often these days (certainly this far from the Capital) that you see anyone who might be termed ‘dapper’. The ability to dress up with any degree of smartness just to walk down to the town has largely disappeared. However yesterday morning while waiting at the traffic lights, I had to grab my iPhone as I knew you’d never believe what I saw. Dapper is alive, well and living in Baldock…

When driving by the station,
As commuters dash,
To the train for London,
Avoiding puddles that may splash!
I didn’t expect a bowler hat,
Those days have surely gone,
But what a scruffy bunch they are,
Daves and Janes (and Ron!)

Driving back through Baldock,
While waiting at the lights,
I had to grab my smart phone,
To put this all to rights!
There was Mister Dapper,
He even doffed his hat,
It restored my faith in characters,
They’ve not all gone to fat!

His shoes were brightly polished,
His gloves were calf-skin clean,
His overcoat hit just the note,
Was he going to meet the Queen?
Without such characters in the world,
A sadder place for all,
So here’s to Mister Dapper,
An example to us all!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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