The Pen-Stealing Fairies!


IMG_6259Some years ago a local car dealer told me how a simple pen had sold a car. Apparently a couple had picked up a pen with his dealership details at a hotel in the Lake District. They had returned from holiday to their home in Scotland. The following year they called in to his showroom on their way to a holiday in France and bought a car (which they collected on the way home). Armed with an example of the power of pen-vertising, I followed his example…

Those naughty pen-stealing fairies,
Have gone and struck again,
I can’t find a single one,
With which to sign my name!

I once bought a thousand,
Embossed for the car boot sale,
I thought my cunning plan,
Would never ever fail!

I gave them to the sellers,
I gave one to the vet,
Hoping it was unlikely,
The sales they should forget!

I discovered recently,
I’m really quite bereft,
That after all this time,
I have only one pen left!

Where the fairies hide them,
I only wish I knew,
But while they’re hiding mine,
They’re not bothering you!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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