The Breakfast Crew!


Saturday saw our final Baldock car boot sale of the 2018 season. While many customers moaned about finding something to do next Saturday, others remarked on the cold early-morning temperature at this time of year. This didn’t seem to worry our catering team who were busy over a hot plate and urn making breakfasts…

Grant Linda and Gemma,
worked hard in the catering van,
it’s great to see Grant is still with us,
he was so poorly for such a big man!

I wonder what they’ll do next Saturday?
Will they enjoy a lie-in in bed?
or will they not be able to sleep,
still on ‘boot-sale-time’ instead!

When they go to put on the bacon,
will they try to fry the whole pack?
and suddenly realize there’s no reason,
as the clocks have only just gone back!

Come the Saturday after Easter,
once again they’ll be back at the sale,
and everyone will be happy,
with ‘out of season tales’ to regale!

With many thanks to Grant, Linda and Gemma. Wishing all customers and staff at the boot sale a very Happy Christmas!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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