Where is the De-icer?


This morning sees the first sharp frost of the winter. The clocks went back yesterday and so it’s now de-icer time. I could have sworn it was in the car…

Where did I put the de-icer?
I could have sworn it was in the boot,
I’ve an important meeting at work,
don’t want to get ice on my suit.
I remember it well in the summer,
it was here when it was so hot,
I haven’t a cassette case to scrape with,
If I’m late I may lose the plot.
The kettle is empty of water,
my coffee used the last drop,
there’s no salt in the cupboard,
I may have to run to the shop!

I went to look in the garage,
on the shelf there was a new can,
my wife had bought it while shopping,
she knows I’m one useless man!

Hope your scraping of the windscreen was successful and your day is lucky!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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