The Car Park Miracle!


On a trip to France some years ago I saw a notice in front of a disabled parking bay. It read something like this: ‘Take my parking space but take my disability too!’ I wonder if you have witnessed a ‘supermarket car-park miracle’ when Jesus was nowhere in sight?

I went to a large store in Letchworth,
That has a revolving door,
I witnessed a biblical miracle,
That made me feel just a bit sore!

This woman got out of her motor,
Parked in a well-marked disabled bay,
Put her disability badge on the dashboard,
She therefore had no need to pay!

But Lo! She spotted the door,
As it rotated in front of her eyes,
And suddenly ran for the opening,
I was dumbstruck with utter surprise!

I’m afraid that’s the end to my story,
The supermarket miracle tale,
The invalid suddenly better,
Seen: Everywhere. Each week. Without fail!

© Baldock Bard
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