The Chocolate Heist!


Chocolate plateFor millions of us, reports that supplies of chocolate may be threatened by the year 2020 has come as a severe shock. This could well lead to civil unrest as the silent majority take to the streets, hijacking confectionery vans and removing sweets from toddlers. Jewellery shop owners will heave a sigh of relief as sweet shops install bullet-proof windows, grids on the doors and employ security guards…

I’ve heard there’s to be a delivery,
At the back of the chocolate shop,
We’ve got ourselves a cunning plan,
To force the delivery to stop!

The armored van will turn up early,
The guards will open up the door,
We will rush in and tie them up,
Leave them trussed upon the floor!

Then we will grab the chocolate,
Put it all in a great big bag,
Rush right out of the sweet shop,
To the getaway Jag!

There is just one small problem,
When our hideout we reach,
There will be no chocolate left
And I’ll be left like a whale on the beach!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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