Trouble in my Attic!


Loft LadderI’ve been having trouble with my waterworks. This has forced me to spend time in solitary confinement in the attic. However remembering stuff when you are aged and have a leak is not easy…

I went up to the attic to fix a leak,
To complete a job that had waited a week.
When I arrived at the dripping site,
I’d forgotten the tools to put things right!
I climbed down the ladder onto the landing,
There were no tools where I was standing.
So down the stairs once again,
Outside by now it was pouring with rain.
I needed a coffee to quench my thirst,
But checked my emails on the laptop first.
A special offer caught my eye,
So onto a website (a toolbox to buy!)
Back to the kitchen where the door needed oiling,
Someone had left the kettle boiling!
Then upstairs to relieve my aching bladder,
Who left this tall extending ladder?
Went to flush the WC,
There was no water, oh dearie me!
Luckily the ladder was already in place
So I could go up to the dark loft space!
Tripped over the stopcock that was shut,
Whoever turned it off must be a mutt!
I told myself it couldn’t be me,
Because of my perfect memory!
I suddenly had this sinking feeling,
…just as the water dripped through the ceiling!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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