The Christmas Card


ccardsLast week I received an E-mail from a supplier to say that this year they aren’t sending out their annual Christmas card. This was a shame as the quality of card was way in excess of  the value of customer I was, but it assured continuation of them on my supplier list. Oh well, that’s one less to write…

How long do you think,
Christmas cards will survive?
robins and angels,
Santa sleigh rides!
Has it come to pass,
messages of Joy Love and Peace,
are no longer required,
on the Nation’s mantlepiece?
How will we know,
of your great wonder-child,
when our little darlings,
are running wild!
(…we only need to look,
Oh! the joy of Facebook!)

To those for whom I have no address, please consider this is my Christmas card to you. May you find peace, joy, love and happiness this Christmas.
With love from the Baldock Bard.
P.S. For others, they’re in the post or in process of being written ‘the analogue way!’

© Baldock Bard 2016
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