March Past!


sandhurstI never could understand why so many foreign tourists flocked to see soldiers marching up and down outside Buckingham Palace – until last Friday! Now I understand, having been invited to Sandhurst to watch a passing-out parade. Furthermore I understand why so many cameras and phones are raised in front of such a spectacle…

The British have always marched well,
the military on parade,
the seemingly effortless choreography,
the stamp of boot on tarmac made.
Our generation can be cutting,
about the youth of today,
with discipline and training,
these youngsters will be OK!

Where they’ll go and what they’ll do,
only the future will decide,
but because they’ll do,
wherever they go,
we can sleep safely inside.

If you are ever invited to see the Soverign’s Parade at Sandhurst, be sure to take a camera! Best of luck to newly promoted Lieutenant R. L. you have made many people proud of you, thank you for letting me share your day.
sandhurst2© Baldock Bard 2016
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