The Cold Calling Computer Helpline!


trimphoneAccording to a phone call from abroad yesterday, I am desperately in need of help with my windows. Now I assume the caller, who called herself ‘Jorranna’, wasn’t actually interested in double glazing issues or my ancient sashes. She was however very keen to talk to me about a problem I was apparently experiencing with Microsoft’s finest (or at least that’s how I translated her request). Eager to hear what my problems were, I listened intently…

Jorranna called yesterday,
she said she wanted to talk,
“Were my Rindows causing me problems?”
(she was certainly not from Dundalk!)

I asked her name once again,
“Jorranna” she eventually replied,
I asked her if she was local,
“rocal to rare?” she reluctantly sighed!

“Rot do you do ren Rindows wrong?”
I said “give computer a smack!”
She said “I solve all your probrems,”
(She’d be clever ‘cos I drive a Mac!)

I then asked if she minded waiting,
while I re-booted the machine causing strife,
I returned to the phone sometime later,
Jorranna had gone from my life!

If you get a call from Jorranna, please tell her the Bard is waiting for her to ring back as his windows are causing problems and need a thorough cleaning!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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