The Craze!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was driving through London yesterday and saw a troupe of young ‘scooter-ists’ on a pavement. This set me wondering (as you do when stuck in traffic!) of all the crazes that I have seen in my lifetime, from skateboarding through to the latest must-have shoot-‘em-up console game. Most have become lost in the mists of time, remembered only by aged bores, who long to grip the idiocy of youth one last time! Then I remembered the Sleek Streek balsa wood plane and in the midst of a chaotic London traffic scene, went off on one…
Sleekstreak2Years ago when I were a lad,
There was a craze, (which today, some would call sad!).
The Sleek Streek came in an original flat pack,
Balsa wood model (often arrived with a crack).
Construction was tricky with three fragile pieces,
Some uncles made them for nephews and nieces!
Wind the propeller around gently by hand,
This would stretch the long elastic band!
Then into the air with a gentle throw,
The propeller would spin and off it would go!
However landing was a much greater art,
Mostly it would crash and fall apart!
I remember a friend who went to my school,
Tried to land his on the swimming pool!
He’d even spent time making balsa wood floats,
…unfortunately it didn’t!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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