Living in Interesting Times!


Kim Jong lookingThere are those who point at the leader of North Korea and laugh. There are some who are imprisoned in vast gulags for doing just that, and then there are those who are extremely concerned about the prospect of military action. It is a complicated scenario with an unsteady clown taking centre stage. The late Billy Reeks, from our village, lost his youthful innocence on that peninsular in the early fifties during National Service, let’s pray the lunacy can be tamed. An old Chinese saying, that can either be taken as a blessing or a curse, says: May you live in interesting times

Kim (son of Il) went down the hill,
to look across the water!
Kim looked round,
and blearily frowned,
And contemplated slaughter!
NK girl armyKim went back to Pyongyang,
to wave at a marching troop,
He made a play
at the US of A
With rhetoric and theoretical nuke!
N Korea Rocket© Baldock Bard 2013
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