The Daily Commute!


The CommuteI have just come back from a very wet early-morning farmyard. The hens don’t like the rain but the geese and ducks are happy! While outside, it struck me that it’s a good job that we are all different: I thought of dairy farmers, whose daily venture out into the dark and the rain and the muck, isn’t for me. My mind also wandered to those hurrying for the train: I could never see myself working in a city, yet I know some whose whole life revolves around a daily crowded commute (I would say ‘herded like sheep’, but if sheep were crammed that way into a lorry, a prosecution would swiftly follow). So I count my blessings…

A friend travels to London by train every day,
I wouldn’t consider it for treble his pay!
When the train arrives it’s already full,
We couldn’t do it to animals, it’s too cruel!
It’s bad enough that he’s no chance of a seat,
Near four-thousand-pound ticket, his misery’s complete.
It’s my choice to work every Saturday,
He’d not entertain an alarm call that day!
So while I am enjoying meeting new folk,
He’s still dreaming of a commute to the smoke!
So come tomorrow morning, my pleasure not pain,
Except of course, if it’s peeing with rain!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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