The Devil’s Cymbals!


Cambridge RollsI’ve put away the plough for a while and attached the Cambridge Rolls to the tractor to break down the clods. Being made up of a three rows of cast-steel rings on an axle they are very noisy. I call them ‘The Devil’s Cymbals!’…

When my children were very small,
And my wife was teaching in a school.
My mother would provide Farm-Day-Care,
They’d go with her everywhere!
Before the days of ‘all’s an offence’,
Health and Safety was common sense,
So on the tractor the kids would go,
To harvest, cultivate roll or sow!
In those days when cabs were bare,
and the rear window just wasn’t there,
The noise for a child sitting on a sack,
Was more like an alien attack!
But sitting on their improvised seat,
The little darlings would fall straight to sleep!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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