A Blast From My Past!


GreengrocersHave you ever been suddenly reminded of times past? Driving my old man to a London station yesterday I was stopped at some traffic lights in Kilburn when I spotted something that I hadn’t seen locally for years – A greengrocers shop that was so full of wonderful produce that it spilled onto the street! Perhaps there is life after stores like Tesco have killed a town and maybe the city can teach rural areas a thing or two…

When I was young and just a lad,
I’d go shopping on a Friday with my dad!
In our old grey pickup, collie in the back,
The bench seat was covered with a sack!
First we’d go to get the wages,
He’d chat to people it took ages!
Then to the supermarket, International Stores,
It was compact, with shinny floors!
The greengrocer was always the last to meet,
A tiny shop with a queue on the street.
Eric Piper was short not stout,
He reminded me of a Brussels Sprout!
All of this died some 40 years ago,
The town changed for ever, shops started to go.
So seeing a greengrocer’s fantastic display,
Took me right back to another day!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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