The Disruptive Sock Fairies!


Extra SockI’m never in control first thing in the morning. A bumbling caffeine-deprived monster who is capable of frightening small children and animals, I’m best left alone! Nothing quite seems to make sense at this time of day and anything out of the ordinary serves to confuse. So three socks were destined to leave me in shock…

Those disruptive sock fairies,
Have been at it once again,
They normally hide just one,
Making pairing such a pain.
But this very morning,
Their cunningness surpassed,
They only added an extra sock,
To confuse a sleepy task!
What were they thinking of?
Perhaps I’ll never know,
But if it’s a sign of what the day will bring,
Back to bed I ought to go!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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