At the Starting Gate with Chemmy Alcott!


Chemmy Alcott 1Politics aside, I really enjoy the Olympics and particularly the Winter Games. If I were to sum up my prowess with a couple of planks on my legs, I’d describe myself as ‘Gas mark 2’, sub-section ‘scared’! However when watching the Olympic racers I become a wizard on skis, bending and twisting with ease at every control gate. However this morning when I turned on the television having only just surfaced, I wasn’t ready to race with GB’s Chemmy Alcott on the Women’s Super-Combined Downhill…

I am in the starting hut,
Still wearing my pyjamas!
The starting bleeps are bleeping,
Most frightening of panoramas!
The camera shows the drop,
I’m not ready to go down there,
No coffee in my system,
I haven’t brushed my hair!
Chemmy’s off, she’s flying,
At times she’s in the air,
The speeds that she is reaching
I’m glad that I’m not there!
Phew! She’s reached the finishing line,
Without any injury.
Some say that women are weaker than men,
Here the weaker sex is me!
Chemmy Alcott 2With thanks to the BBC for excellent coverage

and humble thanks to
Chemmy Alcott for showing such bravery and dedication over the years.
We are very proud of you. 

© Baldock Bard 2014
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