The Evening Star!


Evening StarAs dusk fell the other evening, I went out to the car. Looking up at the darkening sky I spotted, all on its own, the Evening Star…

I wondered…

How many of you looked up to the sky and saw that star?
Not many I suppose…

Those in town, hurrying home from work.
They can’t see because of light pollution. They saw nothing.
Those out at sea, bring goods from afar on ships.
They see, but not if below having their supper!
Shepherds strolling back from the hill towards the village.
They see, but not if they are home in the bath soothing aching limbs!
Nomads riding camels across the desserts.
They see, but not if they have pitched their tents for the night!

I wasn’t in town having my supper in the bath or pitching my tent!
…I saw!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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