The Naked Weeping Willow!


Willow 1Recent high winds have changed the landscape in many places where trees have fallen. On the farm we have been mostly lucky and have suffered few losses. However it has heightened our awareness of the danger posed by some tall trees. Recently we have taken remedial action, not just to save a tall and imposing tree, but also to protect buildings and possibly life too. The willow will recover quickly as it is a very fast growing species…

If our willow had hands,
It would be covering its privates,
Like a man caught naked!

If our willow had legs,
It would be running away,
Like a man caught naked!

If our willow had hair,
Its head would be chilly,
Like a man caught naked!

If our willow had a mouth,
It would be screaming for clothes,
Like a man caught naked!

But all it does is weep,
…Like a man caught naked!
Willow 2© Baldock Bard 2013
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