The Floating Swan!


I have never quite seen the attraction of bird-watching. However this morning I watched mesmerised as a swan floated down the river. It was oblivious to boats, rowers and fisherman as it floated past, fast asleep! The more I watched this graceful bird, the more it served to highlight the futility of certain human obsessions…

A single sleeping dreaming swan was floating down the river,
What are its innermost thoughts and will its dreams deliver?
Will it meet a mate and father offspring too?
Or possibly fly away from here and visit Timbuktu?
Will it go for ‘A’ Levels and possibly a good degree?
Or float through life’s many options on the basis of “we’ll see!”
Will it get promotion? (at the River Bank!)
Or receive a staged award and give a speech to thank?
Will it eat a gourmet meal prepared by Chef Rick Stein?
Or sit down to a salad and a decent choice of wine?
Will it wear the ‘latest look’? (so long as it is white!)
Or buy a great big plasma screen to watch some TV shite?
Will it choose a fortnight on a beach in sunny Spain?
Or happy in St Neots with some cloud or chance of rain?

Or is it just dreaming of winning ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?
© Baldock Bard 2012
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