The Golden Rabbit!


Golden RabbitI love chocolate. However while shopping last week with Mrs Bard I noticed a rather large rabbit staring at me from the top shelf of a special Easter aisle. No matter where I looked it stared back at me with pleading eyes. It was only following a hefty kick in the shins that I was able to tear myself away from the purchasing opportunity…

The Chocolate Rabbit is after you,
It has fixed you with its eyes,
It stares down from the top shelf,
All children are hypnotized!

“Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!
Look at me and you’re mine,
You can take me home and eat me!
Only Thirty-five ninety-nine!”

*N.B. The Lindt Gold Bunny is also available in many sizes at all leading supermarkets as is a large selection of Easter Eggs to suit every pocket or size of child (from 1 year to 99 and beyond – serving suggestion only).

© Baldock Bard 2013
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