The Problem Solving Toaster!


Four Slice ToasterThe greatest of all comfort food, in my experience, is toast. It is versatile, nourishing and can be used at any time with any topping from meat to sweet! However everyone likes their toast toasted slightly differently: some like it just crisp whereas others like it almost cremated. There were differences in our household until we found the answer – a four-slice toaster with dual controls. I should have known better…

We bought a four-slice toaster,
With side-by-side dual controls.
It would cope with sliced or cut bread,
Bagels, Melba or rolls!

My side was set on a five-plus,
Mrs Bard’s just a tad over four.
The difference it made was enormous,
A ten out of ten was the score!

One day I rushed when it popped up,
To discover much to my shock.
One of my toasts was still white bread,
Whilst the other was as black as my sock!

We’d bought it on line at a discount,
Cheaper than our local store,
I e-mailed to ask about warrantee,
It had expired just two weeks before!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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