The Grain Samplers!


A key part of harvest is the testing of the grain to ensure it finds the right market. Our Co-Operative, Fengrain, employs students to collect the samples from the farms. In the past, such students were nicknamed ‘Corn Dollies’, but of course this term has become obsolete in these enlightened times…

Katie is a student, studying hard for a good career,
International Marketing, in Leeds (or somewhere near),
How to deal with farmers, the summer she had planned,
As she travels around the regions farms, grain spear tight in hand!
Rebecca, her sister, keeps the samples clean,
I hope she gets some credit, otherwise that would be so mean!
All the samples taken, they head off in the van,
So the results can be formalised, as quickly as they can.
The lab test for Hagberg, stretch-ability of the dough,
Moisture, screenings, protein, all we need to know.
Selling wheat isn’t easy, especially due to rain,
Sampling is a vital part of the food-producing chain!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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