Crafty Decorators!


What do you do when you have some decorating to do and time is limited? You either use the Amish method where everyone gathers to ‘build a barn’ (in this case paint a room) or you look in your newsagents window…

Mrs Bard was onto my case:
“This room needs freshening up,
I know you’re busy doing farming,
Your excuses are winding me up!”

I looked in the newsagent’s window
Handwritten card – ‘that is the one!’
For all your quality painting:
You need us – Farver and Sun!

They arrived by car in the morning,
Picked up brushes really quite soon,
By lunchtime they’d finished the ceiling,
The whole room by late afternoon!

Stan liked his tea without sugar,
Fred liked coffee not tea.
Twenty-three mugs later,
They’d not even stopped for a pee!

Mrs Bard was over-excited,
“The colour suits the room well,
They’ve only used a third of the paint,
Tell me, what’s that very strange smell?”

With grateful thanks to Tony and Lexi for adding to our Amish Synchronized Painting Team, we’ll definitely call you again!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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