The Heavyweight Crunch!


CrunchAccidents don’t just happen, so the saying goes. Oh yes they do! How much damage can you do by simply backing the JCB Loadall forklift out of the barn? The large steel weight at the rear may not bend but son-in-law John’s car did yesterday evening…

I heard a slight crunch,
From the cab of the Loadall,
As I backed from the shed,
Slower than Toad of Toadhall.
Johns rear indicator,
In hundreds of pieces,
as if chewed by a rat,
Or twenty small mices!
I couldn’t believe it,
Well fancy that,
Accidents don’t just happen,
They are caused (by me), a prat!

This endorsement has been tried and tested over the years!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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