The Garden Party


SAQ1Friends Sian and Angharad travelled down from North Wales to attend a Royal Garden Party yesterday. Just before they left for Buckingham Palace I introduced them to a cardboard cutout so they could practice their curtseys. They had a wonderful time and returned with many a tale to tell…

Sian and Angharad where have you been?
“We’ve been up to London to visit the Queen!”
Please can you tell us what you saw there?
“We saw lots of people it was like a big fair!
We went into a garden all manicured and clean,
Had a cup of tea and there was the Queen!”
And what may I ask did she have to say?
Have you come far? You here for the day?
“We had some fine sandwiches on freshly baked bread
Good job they were good or “off with his head!”
Two bands were playing, we had ice cream,
When we went up to London for tea with the Queen!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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