The Humble Teaspoon!


TeaspoonThere are some mornings when I struggle to find a topic. This morning has been one of those! It is then that I look for the ordinary, the unseen, the undervalued. This morning while making a coffee to try and kick-start the word-flow, my eyes alighted on a humble every-day item we all ignore – the teaspoon…

The smallest cutlery in the drawer,
Is the one you tend to use much more!
It measures out coffee, it measures out tea,
Sometimes used in the home pharmacy!
It doles out pickle and jam from a jar,
With mousses and yoghurts it’s a star.
When satisfying baby’s hungry cries,
A teaspoon is the perfect size!
I’ve seen some men but never a wife,
Stir their tea with the handle of a knife!
When it goes missing, you get my gist,
The humble teaspoon is most missed!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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