Time Travel with my Stomach!


Wagon Wheel 1I’m always pleased (at my advanced age!) to rediscover tastes and experiences that I’d forgotten. The other day Mrs Bard and I were in Morrisons at Sterling Corner at the bottom of the A1 when I discovered they sold Wagon wheels! I could hardly wait until I got home before ripping open the packet to travel back in time…

I opened the packet of Wagon Wheels
And much to my surprise
Over the years they had shrunk
To almost half the size

The chocolate was still melty
The biscuit still held a crunch
But where was the thick layer of mallow?
I used to enjoy after lunch!

It was only then that I realized,
The years had slipped away,
And nothing still tasted the same,
As it did back in the day!

So next time I have a brainwave,
I shall ignore the time-travel call,
Because nothing is quite the same,
As it was when I was small!
Wagon Wheel 2However having finished the packet of six in one sitting I can say they are still irresistible and produce the same over-indulgent stomach ache as they did when I pigged out back then. After all these years I still haven’t learnt that one is enough and that the packet will still be available the next day!!!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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