The I-Spy Dog!


Whenever we drive anywhere with our two terriers, Chip (who is now 17years old), demands that we follow familiar routes. Any deviation from these set routes and he stands up at the window and shows his displeasure. Until recently I presumed it was because he doesn’t like change, I now think it’s because he’s left his I-Spy book and pencil at home…

Our dog likes to play I-Spy,
Has completed more books than you or I,
Every journey that we do,
He stands at the window admires the view!
He’s already completed ‘On A Journey’
final sighting haulage firm Bernie!
He’s now onto I-Spy ‘The Town’
having trouble to find a football ground.
If he’s barking with alarm,
we simply bring out ‘On The Farm!’

If you’re on a journey, stay safe and don’t forget the I-Spy book and pencil for your dog!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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