The Joys of Pet Ownership (part 1)


Last night I discovered why many people choose not to have a pet! Along with many friends, my life seems to revolve around our ‘furry children’! They are rewarding at times but sometimes…

I was fast asleep in the middle of the night,
When Mrs Bard screamed, she’d had an awful fright.
I groggily sat up, my back was covered in sweat,
Oh no it wasn’t, the bed was soaking wet!
I turned on the light and there to my dismay,
A squashed heap of sick by a sleeping dog lay!
We stripped off the bed, I stripped off my clothes,
Naked to the washing machine (should have used a hose!)
It was all my fault as almost most things are,
The door to the upstairs I discovered was ajar.
When I returned, with fresh bedclothes and a sheet
Where was the bloody dog?
On the bed, still fast asleep!
 © Baldock Bard 2012
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