The Last Day of Summer!


Foggy MorningThis morning has been called ‘Summer’s Final Hurrah!’ by some weather-men and journalists. Apparently from this day forth it’s all downhill to freezing temperatures and thick snow! However we have to get past thick fog followed by 30 degrees first…

The forecasters predict,
Today’s the last day of summer,
The schools have started back,
(For kids that’s a bummer!).
The temperature’s predicted,
To reach up to thirty,
The last day of dust,
To make farmers dirty!
I look out of the window,
At six in the morning,
There is thick fog,
For motorists a warning.
I thank lucky stars,
That I don’t commute,
Up to the city,
In a tie and a suit!
So if you’re in the fog,
Please drive with care,
Best arrive late,
Than never get there!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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