The Lifter – then and now!


sacklifterMany years ago, when I was a child, wheat was stored on the farm in sacks. When the crop was sold to a merchant, a flatbed lorry used to arrive to collect the sacks. The sacks would be brought out from the barn on a sack barrow and dropped onto a frame that had been attached to the side of the lorry. This would then be lifted with hydraulics and the sack would be raised to the shoulder-height of the man waiting to receive them. He would then stack ten tons worth of them, sheet them up, rope them using a lorry-driver’s half-hitch knot and leave for a local mill. This morning I was reminded of this machine when I saw a very clever attachment on a coach…

I was in the town,
When I saw a sight,
I’d not seen for many a year.
An arm came out,
from the side of a coach,
and lifted pensioners clear.
Up they went,
in a stately lift,
Until they were level with the door.
And then they could walk,
on the level so to speak,
not need to climb any more!
And I remembered,
a scene from my youth,
loading sacks of wheat.
The principle from then,
Is used today,
to get pensioners to their seat!

It just goes to show,
the simplest of ideas,
are often worth reinventing!
Peoplelifter© Baldock Bard 2013
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