The March of the Chocolate Santas!


chocolate santaWhile shopping with Mrs Bard yesterday I came across a row of chocolate Santas. Given that it is early October and we have yet to sample the delights of Halloween, I wondered if it wasn’t a trifle early for them to be seen in such numbers…

A row of chocolate Santas
lined up on the shelf
What are they looking for?
Maybe a chocolate elf?

Their sleighs seem to be missing,
There’s little sign of toys,
Will they be ready,
For all the girls and boys?

It’s only early October,
76 days to go,
We haven’t had a frost yet,
Not a sign of snow!

Every year it’s earlier,
No berries on the bough,
The Christmas rush has started,
Buy your chocolate Santas now!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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