The Missing Keys!


Keys 3008The other day my keys went missing. At the same time I was looking after my twenty-two-month-old granddaughter. At first I refused to believe that the two events were linked. However as time passed she became the prime suspect…

I’ve lost my keys,
Where can they be?
I’m sure I had,
Them here with me!

I came indoors,
I had them then,
I went back out,
To feed the hen!

I went upstairs,
Granddaughter to bed,
For morning nap,
and story read!

I cleared her toys,
From the floor,
Didn’t have keys,

Made a coffee,
Tried to think,
Even looked,
In the sink!

From the basket,
Musical noise!
She’d hidden keys,
beneath her toys!
© Baldock Bard 2014
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