Mitsubishi flat battI have lost count of the number of cars I’ve had to jump-start at the Saturday car boot sale. This is mainly because of lights or radio left on, draining the power leaving the car immobile by leaving time. Last Saturday everyone had gone, I’d picked up the litter, returned to my trusty Mitsubishi and it grumbled: “Ra..Ra…Ra….Ra…..Ra……Ra!” Then silence. It has spent Sunday being charged. An eagle-eyed visitor asked if I’d suddenly gone green and bought an electric car…

‘Physician heal thyself’
Is how I felt Saturday,
I was left stranded in the field,
Everyone had driven away!
I asked ‘upstairs’ for Devine Help,
But alas ‘He’ was looking elsewhere,
I hurt my big toe kicking the wheel,
Which made me just howl and swear!

I rang home with a simple request,
Seeing that I was stuck,
And my wife appeared to save me,
T’was was a stroke of luck!
So now I’m off to buy a new battery,
Hoping the new one’s not flat,
And so for the foreseeable future,
At the bootsale I won’t be sat!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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