The ‘Musical’ Toy!


Musical ToyYesterday my daughter was very brave, I was child monitor for the day! Even though I say it myself, I was very well behaved. Just one occasion where a chocolate biscuit was used as a bribe, she tasted my attempt at cooking lunch and ate most of it and we shopped for everyone supper without including chips! However it was when my charge had left that the ‘fun’ started…

Looking after granddaughter yesterday,
She had many toys out to play,
When she’d gone I tidied up,
and had just sat down with a ‘relieving cup’,
When all of a sudden music was heard,
From deep in the basket, quite absurd!
What was making this dreadful noise?
How could anyone sell such tuneless toys?
There was silence when I started to look,
Was it a toy or a musical book?
I emptied the basket out to no avail,
Under the pile it started to wail.
I made a grab down nearest the wall
It was the first thing I found, a ‘musical’ ball!
So if a friend you wish to annoy,
Buy their child a musical toy!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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