The Bucket of Coffee!


Coffee BucketIt would seem that recently some words have changed their meaning. Take the word ‘large’ for instance. It used to be just greater than small. In the past if you ordered a large portion of chips, it would probably have been less than half as much again as a small. With the increase in food/drink outlets ‘large’ seems to have taken on a new meaning…

I stopped for a coffee last Thursday,
Was in desperate need of a hit,
I couldn’t see the wood for the trees,
And was descending deep in the sh*t!
I asked for a large black coffee,
Something to wake me right up,
When it came I couldn’t believe it,
Was a bucket disguised as a cup!
But the time I had emptied the contents,
Was flying as high as a kite,
I was wired like a three-pin wall-socket,
Didn’t sleep at all the next night!
I’ll restrict the use of the ‘L’ word,
From now on I’ll ask for a ‘small’
And so I’m not taken for a glutton,
I won’t ask for a ‘large’ at all!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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